Castles in the Sky

We had a saying, me and my best friend. We said that we were creating castles in the sky and made them real. That strategy of ours ended up in a number of self-initiated projects that took us from Sweden to South Africa as students, to Bolivia as mothers-to-be and created The Rebel’s Peace Prize that came to stay for many years as a rebellious cousin of The Nobel Peace Prize.

Finding yourself in a situation where this strategy is even possible is rare, but when you do, you can not let the opportunity pass. What it takes:

  1. Two or more people who share the same dreams, not so much in their heads as in their hearts (an incorporated dream so to speak).
  2. ‎Every single person on the team equally eager to get things done, picking up and acting on whatever they identify is needed next.
  3. ‎Shared never-ending enthusiasm and grit.
  4. ‎Not so much structure and formal decisions, but constant movement, effortless communication, reinforcement of the dream and more and more vivid pictures of the castle in the sky.

Suddenly, you will find yourself looking at it and touching it. The imaginary castle has become real!

This article is part of a series of more or less unfinished thoughts on digital transformation and team management, a collection of insights from my fifteen years as a team leader at the digital agency SthlmConnection. Originally posted on Medium.

Ska vi ses?

Vill du ha någon att bolla med, någon som hjälper er framåt och blir en katalysator för att förverkliga er dröm?

Hör av dig så kan vi ta en fika. Kanske kan jag hjälpa dig med precis med allt du behöver, kanske kan jag hjälpa dig en bit på vägen.