Co-creation is on everybody’s lips these days and it is a fundamental concept for successful digital projects. I used to run a digital agency, where we learned early on that we and our client must unite in a team of equals to formulate goals, problems and solutions together — i.e. to co-create — to be able to produce sustainable high-quality solutions.

I would say that the secret key to long-term success, however, is co-failure. For fifteen years I lived and breathed basketball. There was really nothing else that caught my interest and made me feel a hundred percent present and happy the way basketball did.

Now, when I’ve been in hundreds of constellations of teams, I can see that the factors of success and failure from my basketball years are just the same as in any project team. Just like in basketball, co-creation — playing around together, shooting hoops, developing new feints and offenses — is a very creative, stimulating, self-realising activity that can lead to great results and a strong team spirit.

But it is not until you have experienced a failure — lost a game, missed an important shot, committed too many fouls — and are able to avoid blaming individuals, that you have unleashed the true potential of your team.

When something goes wrong and everybody on the team — no matter if they’re from the agency or client — naturally reacts by supporting each other, contemplating what I could’ve done differently myself and motivating each other to deal with the problem together, you have mastered the art of co-failure.

This article is part of a series of more or less unfinished thoughts on digital transformation and team management, a collection of insights from my fifteen years as a team leader at the digital agency SthlmConnection. Originally posted on Medium.

Ska vi ses?

Vill du ha någon att bolla med, någon som hjälper er framåt och blir en katalysator för att förverkliga er dröm?

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