Creative Clusters

Imagine a world without corporations and instead: creative clusters. People feeling drawn to the same issue or determined to reach the same goal who organically attract each other and start working together for a while. Doing whatever is necessary to accomplish what they are eager to achieve, be it monitoring resources, analysing test results, running errands or facilitating innovative workshops.

When you feel you don’t have more to contribute or realise this wasn’t your thing, you just ease away. Back in solitude for reflection or straight to new inspiring collaborations.

No more artificial boundaries of employment or master–servant relationships. Just autonomous individuals following their own path and by doing that building honest connections and strong relationships with fellow free individuals in a web of meaning, creativity, safety and productivity.

When you take on a task or decide to leave a collaboration, you do it in an environment of trust and co-understanding, as part of the collaboratively decided cluster rules. Your collaboration may come to an end, but the relationships that you have built during your time with the cluster are true and long-lasting.

Ska vi ses?

Vill du ha någon att bolla med, någon som hjälper er framåt och blir en katalysator för att förverkliga er dröm?

Hör av dig så kan vi ta en fika. Kanske kan jag hjälpa dig med precis med allt du behöver, kanske kan jag hjälpa dig en bit på vägen.