Feeling it

I’m not a fan of making decisions. I realise that I make decisions every day, so I guess it’s not the decisions themselves that I’m against, but the conscious act of it: “let’s decide”. To me, that implies interrupting a process, putting on a blindfold and selecting a random path forward.

Instead, I want whatever process I’m involved in to be a continuous movement where I — or we as a team — consciously and subconsciously gather knowledge along the way until I — we — instinctively know what’s right, until there is really only one option.

As with most things in life, you shouldn’t force it, you should feel it.

This article is part of a series of more or less unfinished thoughts on digital transformation and team management, a collection of insights from my fifteen years as a team leader at the digital agency SthlmConnection. Originally posted on Medium.

Ska vi ses?

Vill du ha någon att bolla med, någon som hjälper er framåt och blir en katalysator för att förverkliga er dröm?

Hör av dig så kan vi ta en fika. Kanske kan jag hjälpa dig med precis med allt du behöver, kanske kan jag hjälpa dig en bit på vägen.